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 The company's enthusiasm for the spirit of service, the pursuit of faster to provide better service, not only in sales and product content to meet customer needs, but also provide product maintenance, calibration and training to allow customers to use our products without worries.
 Konica - Minolta (Konica Minota) Equipment:
 Metering range: repair and calibration measurement services.
 Color measurement series: repair and calibration measurement services.
 Coatings and plastics testing instruments related to calibration, maintenance, metering, etc.
 Japan kett coating thickness, Germany BYK gloss meter, and other maintenance.
 Note: Please refer to related products Products
 Purchase of instrumentation products for every customer, will enjoy high-quality comprehensive after-sales service:
 For the customer's reasonable request, Star Division will be met promptly. Whether the customer has a problem, after-sales service department will receive timely, thoughtful help.
 A product warranty regulations
 Warranty period: from within one year from the date of sale if the quality of (artificial damage) for free repair.
 1. Time users to buy the warranty date is calculated.
 2. Products listed above, according to manufacturer's warranty warranty warranty than the product can charge maintenance.
 3. Product warranty for specific warranty agreement shall prevail.
 Second, the warranty:
 The company sold products due to quality problems caused by the fault, with the company's warranty card, receipt or invoice, etc. warranty.

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