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Shenzhen Xingke Instrument Co., Ltd.  since its inception in 1996, long-term commitment to the advanced laboratory analysis, test and measurement instruments to introduce, promote the domestic physical and chemical laboratories, after years of development, our company has become more than the well-known brand equipment agent, such as: Japan KONICA MINOLTA (Konica - Minolta) color difference meter, colorimeter, Shenzhen Han spectrum colorimeter, gloss meter, spectrophotometer color measurement instrument, industrial meter meter, instrument illumination color temperature , color colorimeter, Japan KETT coating thickness, Germany BYK industrial equipment, gloss meter, cross-cut test device, the United Kingdom (Elcometer) coating industrial equipment;

American Di Fusi high (DeFelsko) instrumentation, coating thickness, cross-cut, and pull off adhesion tester France, Germany, instrument Li Shin (Erichsen) instrumentation, multi-angle single-angle gloss meter, pencil hardness, bending experimental apparatus, convex cup tester, tester flexibility, fineness meter, pendulum hardness meter, flow meter hanging, leveling instrument, reflectance test and other equipment;

U.S. 3M adhesive tape test, Tianjin YONGLIDA chemical equipment, paint testing instruments Shanghai Pu Shen, pencil hardness tester, one hundred cells knife, indenter, the film impactor, the Beijing Times industrial instrumentation, USA and Thailand Nepal (Taber) abrasion instrument, a linear abrasion machine, Mitsubishi pencil, standard gray card, needle detector, needle detector, RCA tape abrasion instrument, alcohol rubber friction test machine, Zion Cup, Iwata Cup, viscosity cup, ISO flow cup, Ford cup, gravity cup, the film indenter, scratch instrument; electronic balance series, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, salt spray test chamber, the aging test box, viscometer, Stowe ink viscometer, whiteness meter, Plastic melt Flow Indexer, DuPont impact test machine, the standard light source for color boxes, toys tested instruments, sharp edge tester, tester, such as sharp points of the standard laboratory equipment.

"Credibility first, Sincerity, professionalism, customer service," Star Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. is a business philosophy.

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